ENGIRO builds E-Motor

ENGIRO builds E-Motor to provide hybridization in utility vehicles

ENGIRO introduces its newly built compact as well as lightweight high-performance engine, which is excited by permanent magnets. Originated from a successful research project the new motor is intended to hybridize utility vehicles. Compared to diesel-powered engines parallel hybrid vehicles achieve fuel consumption and emission reductions by 10 % to 25 %. In city centers and low-emission zones hybrids that rely solely on electricity are quiet-running zero-emission vehicles.
Developed by ISATEC Engineering Aachen and built by ENGIRO the new hybrid engine is tailored for trucks, buses, ships and diesel-fueled railroad engines with their limited space and need for high power density. The compact and high-performance E-Motor delivers 200 kW continuous power – even more when a power peak is needed. High torque density and power density, an efficiency factor of more than 96 % and an effective heat removal concept are more highlights.
The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) funded the ambitious and innovative project following a resolution passed by the German Parliament.