The path to efficiency:

The ENGIRO 260W_08028_SFR 800 V Hydraulic Set

Are you looking for an intelligent solution to electrify your vehicles and machines? The 260W_08028_SFR hydraulic set is ideal for electrifying hydraulic applications in agricultural vehicles, municipal vehicles for example garbage trucks, or construction equipment such as vibratory hammers or concrete mixer trucks. After installation in the application, the set is ready for use.


The compact motor design and flexible interface of our motor solution provide a comprehensive range of applications. Additionally, the ability to attach various shaft or flange adapters endows the system with enhanced versatility.


Below you find the most important performance data:


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Torque             211 Nm

Power              96 kW

Speed               4380 rpm


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Torque            370 Nm

Power              155 kW

Speed               4000 rpm


Take the first step towards a green future. The complete datasheet can be found on our homepage. Click here to get to the data sheet of ENGIRO 260W_08028_SFR 800 V Hydraulic Set.

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