ENGIRO in the middle of carnival

The many carnival revellers in and around Aachen were delighted with ENGIRO's sweet contribution to the fifth season: the many running groups, in which some ENGIRO employees took part, had several boxes of ENGIRO gummy bears with them and distributed them to the revellers on the roadside with an exuberant "Alaaf". The ENGIRO gummy bears made the carnival even sweeter and more exuberant.

All the bags contain a colorful mixture of gummy bears in a wide variety of flavors. With this variety, there is something to suit every taste. Which variety of gummy bears do you like best?

Speaking of variety: ENGIRO's electric drive systems can also be combined with a wide range of components thanks to the modular design so that they can be perfectly matched to the individual requirements of tractors, buses, municipal vehicles and many other commercial vehicles. The next tractor that pulls a carnival float may be ENGIRO-electrified.…